About The Women’s Dinner Club

The Women’s Dinner Club was founded by Rachel Hutchinson (EMM Associates) and Anna Lambe (Zia Executive) over a cup of coffee, a piece of cake and a long discussion on why women struggle to network effectively and how to bring successful corporate and professional women together in small groups where real networking and success happens. We believe that when we work together – we can achieve tremendous results. And we want to share that belief with other professional women out there. The world is our oyster…

We will bring women together from varying corporate and professional backgrounds to meet over dinner, discuss, debate, network and have some fun. The dinners are invitation only,  informal and the venues will vary.

Women ‘networking’ is not a new idea – and there are some fantastic groups out there. Our difference? We aim to keep groups small – so the sparks & new ideas & opportunities can be really felt and explored. No more than 8 -10 people will participat in each dinner. This is to allow for maximum interaction among us. We will however occasionally host larger events as our membership grows.

Dinners are topic driven to begin with, but the conversation is only limited by your imagination! We’ll get you started, but then the conversation will go wherever you want.

So why should I attend?:

  • To add to your network of successful professional women
  • To share and explore ideas in a safe environment
  • To discuss and debate topical issues in business
  • To gain (and give) support/mentoring/coaching from (and to) your peers

We have a few ground rules:

  • The dinners are for sharing, discussing, debating, networking and having fun.
  • They are not intended as forums for selling, promoting or other overt sales/marketing activity (unless specifically requested!!!).

What does it cost?

  • We ask that you pay for your meal and drinks (normally we split the bill evenly)
  • If we have a guest presenter, contribute towards the meal of the presenter